2013-14 REALTOR® Technology Survey

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The report summarizes national findings collected in January 2014 among sales agents, associate brokers, brokers, broker-owners and managers regarding REALTOR practices. It takes into account 1,280 completed surveys and respondents were asked to look back over the previous year to tell about their real estate business experiences with technology. The purpose of the survey is to provide a broad picture of REALTORS’ technology characteristics and needs. Key topics covered are:

• Technology in General
• Broker-Provided Technology
• MLS-Provided Technology
• Mobile Use in Business
• Technology and REALTOR® Associations
• Social Media & Networking
• Lead Generation & Listings
• Real Estate Websites
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dotREALTOR: what you need to know

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Only members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and the Canadian Real Estate Association can call themselves REALTORS®. And only REALTORS® are allowed to use the new .REALTOR domain. In a complicated online world, it doesn’t get any easier to let prospects and clients know you adhere to our code of ethics and professionalism — and are a source they can trust. Read More

14 gadgets every real estate professional needs now

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In the market for some new toys?  Want to make your, and your clients, life easier? Maybe make your home show better?

The spring market is here and with it comes reshuffling priorities, lost keys, spilled coffee and chronic fatigue. These brand-new gadgets can keep you in good spirits — check them out! Read More.

Internet trends for 2014

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In a presentation at a recent conference, Mary Meeker of KPCB, reviewed some of the most glaring internet trends seen today and how this is affecting business and the economy.

Online real estate agent reviews: a quick how-to

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What’s the first thing you do when you are looking for a new restaurant, a hotel or a recommendation for a business? You may ask a friend or family member for a recommendation, but most likely you go to “Google” to search, or visit a website such as Yelp, Google Places or CitySearch to look for recommendations. We know the No. 1 source of referrals in real estate comes from people we know, but chances are we still look online for reviews to confirm those recommendations.

We are living in the age of online reviews and there is no disputing the fact that they can make or break a business. With so many people online and publishing content, there is ample opportunity to share on any number of websites a bad customer service experience. Just type into any search engine “customer service nightmare” and read how fast things can go downhill. Read More.

What you don’t know about Dropbox could hurt you

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That open blue box icon on your desktop is friendly — and functional. It invitingly seems to say, “Put your files in here — and work on them from anywhere, with anyone — for added convenience and productivity.”

But that little blue box delivers more than convenience — and it’s not all good.

The fastest-growing security threat in the workplace right now is the spread of consumer-grade file-sharing solutions. According to Information Week, Dropbox is the most widely used file-sharing platform. Its customer list contains 2 million businesses, including 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies. In addition, employees save 600 million work files to Dropbox each week. Read More.

Facebook “likes” the right way

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So you’ve created your real estate Facebook business page. Now what? Oh yes! Now let’s get likes! Let’s see … “I’ll ask some of my family, a few of my friends, and every single real estate agent I can find. Next I’m going to give and take some ‘Facebook love.’ I’ll like their page, they like mine. That will help me! That will help them!”

This is how every single real estate agent acts on Facebook. Every. Single. One. Heck, this is not exclusive to real estate agents. It’s in every industry. After you’ve asked every colleague you know, after you’ve “shared your Facebook love” in every group you can find, what next? Read More.

7 tech tools everyone is talking about

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One of the most common questions for moderators of technology panels at real estate conferences is this: “What is your favorite new technology tool?” At Inman Connect this year, you couldn’t turn a corner without hearing someone talking about the latest and greatest items they were implementing in their business. So we brought back a few clips of what we heard from the plugged-in crowd in New York. Read More.

9 home automation gadgets

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The article title originally included “closing gift” and “Gen Y,” however I think the article is really for anyone – agent, clients and for any demographic. This new technology is modernizing homes like never before and can be a good selling feature and/or a good safety feature for anyone.

Home automation has come a long way. In the past two years, an explosion of cool, geeky gadget startups have launched seeking attention and funding. Reliability, security and technology have improved to allow very simple or extremely complicated interactions with your home. This new technology is red-hot in the investor community for both large corporations (Philips, GE) and well-funded startups. Read More.

Siri uses Yelp? Online ratings important with clients

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Max Pigman, vice president of realtor.com®, pulled out his iPhone during his Friday morning session at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo, and asked Siri where he could find a good real estate agent. Siri responded, “I’ve found 15 real estate agents fairly close to you. I’ve sorted them by rating.”

The rating system Siri uses is Yelp, but this simple demonstration shows just how important online ratings and recommendations are in real estate today.

“Taking a little time each week to build your online rep is a critical step moving forward,” Pigman said. “If someone lands on you, perception is reality.” Read More.

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