Facebook “likes” the right way

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So you’ve created your real estate Facebook business page. Now what? Oh yes! Now let’s get likes! Let’s see … “I’ll ask some of my family, a few of my friends, and every single real estate agent I can find. Next I’m going to give and take some ‘Facebook love.’ I’ll like their page, they like mine. That will help me! That will help them!”

This is how every single real estate agent acts on Facebook. Every. Single. One. Heck, this is not exclusive to real estate agents. It’s in every industry. After you’ve asked every colleague you know, after you’ve “shared your Facebook love” in every group you can find, what next? Read More.

7 tech tools everyone is talking about

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One of the most common questions for moderators of technology panels at real estate conferences is this: “What is your favorite new technology tool?” At Inman Connect this year, you couldn’t turn a corner without hearing someone talking about the latest and greatest items they were implementing in their business. So we brought back a few clips of what we heard from the plugged-in crowd in New York. Read More.

9 home automation gadgets

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The article title originally included “closing gift” and “Gen Y,” however I think the article is really for anyone – agent, clients and for any demographic. This new technology is modernizing homes like never before and can be a good selling feature and/or a good safety feature for anyone.

Home automation has come a long way. In the past two years, an explosion of cool, geeky gadget startups have launched seeking attention and funding. Reliability, security and technology have improved to allow very simple or extremely complicated interactions with your home. This new technology is red-hot in the investor community for both large corporations (Philips, GE) and well-funded startups. Read More.

Siri uses Yelp? Online ratings important with clients

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Max Pigman, vice president of realtor.com®, pulled out his iPhone during his Friday morning session at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo, and asked Siri where he could find a good real estate agent. Siri responded, “I’ve found 15 real estate agents fairly close to you. I’ve sorted them by rating.”

The rating system Siri uses is Yelp, but this simple demonstration shows just how important online ratings and recommendations are in real estate today.

“Taking a little time each week to build your online rep is a critical step moving forward,” Pigman said. “If someone lands on you, perception is reality.” Read More.

Move and AOL Real Estate ending 2-year relationship, Zillow steps in

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Realtor.com operator Move Inc. will no longer send listings, power search or coordinate the sales of advertising to brokers and agents on AOL Real Estate after Wednesday, when the two companies end a partnership that lasted more than two years.

Move has provided listings data — homes for sale, foreclosures, new homes, off-market homes and recently sold properties — to AOL Real Estate through its syndication platform, ListHub, since August 2011. Read More.

An article a few hours after this announcement revealed that Zillow was going to supply AOL listing information. Read More.

Have you Googled yourself lately?

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If you are a real estate agent and haven’t checked out your online profile lately, you definitely should because chances are somebody else is. And that somebody could very well be a prospective client.

According to a recent California Association of REALTORS® study, over 60 percent of consumers Google real estate agents to find out more about them. They see one of your listings online and they Google you. They drive by one of your “for sale” signs and Google you. They meet you at an open house and Google you…They do it even when one of their friends recommends you! Why? Because the Internet provides them with a safe, non-committal environment where they can find out more about you, learn what you might be able to do for them, and generally see what you’re made of – without ever having to interact with you. Read More.

Agent reviews and what they mean to members

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There is much going on inside real estate currently about agent reviews. Articles are everywhere about who is doing it, are they beneficial (or hurtful), are they accurate and what they truly mean. Although not the first, the latest is realtor.com with its Agent Match program. Maybe you’ve heard about it – maybe not – but it is something to keep an eye, and ear, out for. This technology is here, the functionality has been deployed. Now it’s the question of how long is it going to be before NAR releases its version (Agent Match) to the mainstream.
Read More
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5 technology tools every agent should use

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For the last couple of years, real estate technology tools have been rolling out at a fast and furious pace. As a real estate professional, I eagerly scrambled to keep up as a slower market afforded me the time and opportunity.

However, earlier this year as the market began to improve and my time was limited, I found tech tools taking a back seat to working in and on my business.

So many of my real estate agent friends have been overwhelmed with tools they have felt necessary. Tools they thought they needed to master in order to be successful. I look at technology in a different way. I believe the tools you choose should actually support “doing business” rather than shifting your focus away.

Below are my top five favorite technology tools every agent should use to enhance their business without creating additional distraction. Read More.

6 email faux pas to avoid

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A recent article from Inman News complains about people using the signature line “Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse any typos.” But, a Stanford study shows that people are much more likely to forgive grammatical errors when an email is sent from a mobile device. What do you think – is the “Sent from my iPhone” signature a total faux pas? Or is it common courtesy?

While that issue is still under debate, here are some definite e-mail faux pas you should be avoiding. Read More.

6 tips for using Yelp reviews

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Accusations about Yelp Inc.’s business practices and authenticity of reviews have angered scores of small-business owners. They also have left some consumers feeling confused about what they can and can’t trust on the popular site, which features 42 million reviews on bars, restaurants, orthodontists, body shops, gyms, nail salons, hotels and much more.

Although Yelp is the leading user-review website, plenty of other sites offer online reviews from users. For restaurants alone, people can turn not only to Yelp but also to OpenTable, Google and MenuPages, among others.

Here are some tips to help you wade through the endless sea of reviews on Yelp. Read More.

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