10 mistakes that could ruin your open house

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Yes, it’s true, it’s a seller’s market out there, but you can still ruin your chance at finding a willing buyer while mortgage rates remain low or landing the price you want if you mess up your open house.

Here are 10 open-house mistakes to avoid:

No. 1: Hovering

As a seller, your job is to get out of the way. Let your agent and their team interact with the buyers. Nothing scares off buyers faster than getting cornered by a desperate seller, says Elizabeth Weintraub, a Realtor with Lyon Real Estate in Sacramento, California. “Buyers don’t like it when they are hovered over. Give the buyer some information and let them look through the home on their own.” Read More.

Staging the fridge? A must-do

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No detail is too small for a home buyer. And while you’re making sure the kitchen counters are decluttered and sparkling clean, you might want to take a closer look in the refrigerator too, particularly if it’s staying with the house. The buyer likely will be. And what will they see when they open the doors?

Over-stuffed, sticky shelves? Expired veggies that are growing a friend? Vile smells?

The contents of a seller’s fridge may say a lot about a home owner. It may even have the potential to leave a potential buyer with a negative impression.

The New York Times recently devoted an entire article to a place often overlooked in real estate showings: the refrigerator. Read More.

7 tips to sell your home faster to a younger buyer

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Educating clients about the audience they will be marketing to is one of the most important things a home stager can do. When you put your home on the market to sell, you should know that the next owner will likely be younger than you are. That’s why you should stop thinking about what you like or want in a home and start thinking about what your most likely buyer will want.

1. Stick with warm, neutral walls. Read More.

5 DIY projects to increase sales value by $10,000+

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It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to improve a home and make it more sellable, according to HomeGain’s 2012 National Home Improvement Survey.

HomeGain surveyed nearly 500 real estate professionals nationwide to determine the top do-it-yourself home improvement projects that offers some of the biggest bang for your buck when selling a home.

Here are the top five projects that real estate professional recommend to their clients–projects that have the potential to offer some of the highest returns on investment at resale, according to the 2012 HomeGain survey. Read More.

Tips to better real estate photography

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Whether you’re an amateur real estate photographer, a REALTOR®, or a homeowner who wants to try shooting your own listing pictures, Dave Rezendes, honored as the “Top Real Estate Photographer” by the Photography for Real Estate organization, has a few tips for getting the best photographs of a home (and to ensure that your photos don’t end up like these train wrecks). Read More.

5 tips for selling your home in winter

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Just your luck — you have to sell your home in winter, the slowest and dreariest sales season of all.

But cheer up. You can use staging, the reduced competition and some seasonal opportunities to your advantage.

“You wouldn’t necessarily choose to sell your home in winter,” says Katie Severance, a broker for ReMax in Upper Montclair, N.J. “But there are certain extra steps you can take to really help your chances.” Read More.

The garage: helping sell your home faster

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They’re for more than parking cars, stacking boxes, and holding trash bins. The garage can help sell your home if you stage it right. Most homeowners might think of staging their kitchens and bedrooms, but the garage is a feature that is playing an increasingly important role.

Here are some organizing tips to help you increase the appeal of your home.

Entice buyers with a garage that is organized, kept up and shows off its most important features. Storage is always a premium in homes and if your garage showcases closet organizers, hand shelving, and storage bins that can stash away seldom-used items or tools, buyers will find your garage a must-have item on their home-buying list. Read More.

Tips on how NOT to sell a home

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There is a lot of advice available for those looking to sell their home these days. Instead of telling you want to do to sell your home in today’s market, let’s focus on what not to do. Kelly O’Ryan recently highlighted several tips in an article at RISMedia. Here are a few don’ts that made it on the list, see if you agree!

1. Don’t slack off on home maintenance. Houses in need of TLC often attract investors or property flippers, which are known for submitting low-ball offers. To attract offers and the highest bids, sellers should attend to any upkeep and maintenance issues before putting the house for sale. Read More.

Help buyers look past staging techniques

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Buyers are looking for their dream house and sometimes they enter properties with blinders on. They may not see what a professional may see as home sellers use many staging techniques to make their house stand out. They rearrange furniture to make rooms look bigger and bake cookies to fill the air with a homey aroma. Smart homebuyers, and their agents, need to look beyond the stagecraft.

“While not all staging is trickery, because the basic premise of staging is to make the home look presentable, buyers need to look past it and get serious,” says Karlton Utter, an office manager for Weichert Realtors in East Brunswick, N.J. Read More.

Update rooms with these quick fixes

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It happens to all homeowners. Rooms that once looked fresh and contemporary have aged themselves into drabness. This can make selling a particular home a little more stressful, especially when the changes needed are fairly inexpensive and easy to do. 

To bring your rooms current, as well as to update worn and disheveled items, consider these five room freshening tips. Read More.

1. Paint
2. Trim
3. Cabinet Hardware
4. Decorative Accents
5. Flooring