13 hot home trends for 2013

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The design choices of 2013 will be shaped by uncertainty over how long current home owners will stay and what future buyers’ tastes may be. So, home owners’ needs and style preferences are more influential in today’s designs than what buyers want.

Here is a baker’s dozen of changes that design pros and manufacturers say are emerging and will make greater inroads:

1. Smarter, Less Costly Automated Controls: With lives continuing to be busy and automation costs coming down, it’s become more affordable to control a home’s systems—temperature, security, electronics, lighting, and more—through a single device, even from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Read More.

Know the purpose of your presentation

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A quality listing presentation involves considerable advance planning, careful research and analysis, and highly developed presentation and sales skills. This allows you to derive maximum impact from the minimal time you have to present yourself and your recommendations, close the deal, and obtain signatures on a listing agreement.

Your advance planning takes two forms. First you need to qualify your prospects – determining not only their desires and expectations but also their ability to make the buying or selling decision and complete the purchase transaction. Read More.

5 housing trends in fall

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Homebuyers and refinancers seeking the best deal possible: You are running out of time.

While it’s too early to even consider calling this a seller’s market, buyers will have to work a little harder to find the home of their dreams at a bargain this fall. That’s especially true for those who want a newly built home.

You may get a good deal on a short sale as long as you are willing to wait. After new rules go into effect this fall, the short-selling process might be less painful than it is now. Read More.

10 tips for sellers

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Today’s sellers may face challenging conditions in many markets, but that doesn’t mean choosing to sell is a bad idea. There are many reasons to sell and most are good ones.

Here are ten tips to get you on your way to getting your home sold.

1. Hire a Professional. This is no time to be navigating the rough waters of the real estate market on your own. You want someone who can help you accurately price your home, bring in potential buyers, handle contracts, and market your home to the masses. Read More.

Traditional rules of home buying return

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Depending on the location, house hunters may find themselves in a strange, transitional real estate market that’s emerging from historic lows.

Advantage: Buyer? Yes, in many areas, that’s still the case.

But buyers have guidelines for success in this type of market, too. They need to show that they’re serious if they hope to secure their dream house amid stiff deal-sniffing buyer competition or sellers so frustrated they may be willing to hold out for a stronger market turnaround. Professionalism and realistic expectations can go a long way toward ensuring a smooth and timely closing transaction, which is important to buyers and sellers alike. Read More.

6 tips to nail your next listing appointment

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Many agents go on listing appointments with little more than a comparative market analysis (CMA) in hand, if that. They lack a specific marketing plan and often fail to explain the services they provide for their sellers. As a result, it comes as no surprise that National Association of REALTORS® statistics have repeatedly shown that approximately 7 percent of the agents are doing 93 percent of the business. Read More.

Holidays are ‘good time to sell’ according to survey

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If you can keep a home priced right, staged/open-house ready and the photos appealing, then you probably have a strong case on listing a home during the holidays. And, most real estate professionals advise sellers to list their homes during the holiday season rather than waiting, citing more serious buyers and less competition among properties, according to a recent survey from Realtor.com.

The property search site’s Holiday Home Selling Survey gathered responses from 429 real estate professionals surveyed online between Oct. 26, 2011, and Nov. 8, 2011. The “holiday season” was defined as Nov. 23, 2011, to Jan. 2, 2012. Read More.

What sells a house

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In today’s market many sellers want to know the secret to selling their homes quickly. They want to know ways to hold on to the equity they’ve built over the past decade.

Unfortunately, there is no golden equation that equals the perfect sale. Yet, while there is no “sure thing” in the housing market these days, there are certain factors that affect how quickly and for how much your home sells.

Here are the top ten (yup, price is number 1). Consider how these apply to your own home, how that affects marketing, as well as what aspects of your home you should “play up” to elicit a better response from buyers. Read More.

5 things real estate agents aren’t so fond of…

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Sometimes dealing with a client can be difficult. Most times it’s a blast (otherwise why would you be in real estate). Keep it fun by understanding what home sellers are going through and know how to address these situations when they arise.

Here are five not-so-great things sellers do that make their real estate agents cross their fingers and hope for the best. Read More.