10 things real estate pros need to stop telling themselves

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Jared James uses a common theme that he often bring up regardless of the topic at hand: The power that words have, not only over other people, but especially over ourselves.

Remember this old line that we bought into for decades? “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me…” Such nonsense. Words have amazing power to hold us back and do much more damage than sticks or stones could ever hope to do.

He covers 10 things that real estate professionals need to stop saying. Read More.

5 biggest turn-offs for homebuyers

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A lot of sellers don’t listen to their real estate agents, so we’ll tell you what your agent wants to say, but can’t say to you and this is it – your agent can’t get you the price you want unless your home is in pristine move-in condition.

That means no sticking drawers in the kitchen. No leaning fences. No rust-stained plumbing fixtures. We could go on, but maybe we need to make it clear. If you have even one of following “turn-offs,” your home won’t sell.

Buyers can get instantly turned off. Here are their five biggest turn-offs:

1. Overpricing for the market

2. Smells

3. Clutter

4. Deferred maintenance

5. Dark, dated décor

Read More.

Top 10 photographic crimes real estate agents commit

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Since cameras have been getting better and better over the past years, why are the photos most real estate agents take not getting any better? Most agents take photos of rooms without a thought as to what it will look like in print or online. The photos in the MLS can be very poor, and some agents don’t even put in photos at all.

The article reveals a list of the 10 mistakes I see most often in our MLS. Read More.

Freddie Mac offers winter bonuses for REO sales

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The HomeSteps winter promotion has started and selling agents will receive a $1,000 incentive, and listing agents a separate $500 incentive, when they sell HomeSteps homes located in one of the 23 target states – Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Missouri are included.

HomeSteps is the real-estate owned division of Freddie Mac. The promotion runs between February 18 and April 15. The incentive will also provide homebuyers a choice of $500 for condominium association dues, flood insurance premiums or their home warranty. Read More.

Realtor.com® ends AgentMatch pilot program

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Move Inc., the San Jose, Calif.-based company that operates realtor.com®, has concluded a pilot program it was running in two markets on a product that would match potential sellers with agents in their area. The test of AgentMatch, which operated in Boulder, Colo., and Las Vegas starting in July, was the subject of some discussion, debate, and concern among NAR members.

Some real estate practitioners vocalized their worries on social media that AgentMatch — which ranked practitioners in each market based on sold data from MLSs, including their number of recent sales, list-to-price ratio, and average days on market for their listed homes — created an unfair advantage for some agents. For example, an agent with very low production volume could still show as a top agent in a specific area if he or she had recently sold there. That could edge out other local agents with far higher production levels and better results just because they hadn’t sold in that area, critics argued. Read More.

Have you Googled yourself lately?

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If you are a real estate agent and haven’t checked out your online profile lately, you definitely should because chances are somebody else is. And that somebody could very well be a prospective client.

According to a recent California Association of REALTORS® study, over 60 percent of consumers Google real estate agents to find out more about them. They see one of your listings online and they Google you. They drive by one of your “for sale” signs and Google you. They meet you at an open house and Google you…They do it even when one of their friends recommends you! Why? Because the Internet provides them with a safe, non-committal environment where they can find out more about you, learn what you might be able to do for them, and generally see what you’re made of – without ever having to interact with you. Read More.

Agent reviews and what they mean to members

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There is much going on inside real estate currently about agent reviews. Articles are everywhere about who is doing it, are they beneficial (or hurtful), are they accurate and what they truly mean. Although not the first, the latest is realtor.com with its Agent Match program. Maybe you’ve heard about it – maybe not – but it is something to keep an eye, and ear, out for. This technology is here, the functionality has been deployed. Now it’s the question of how long is it going to be before NAR releases its version (Agent Match) to the mainstream.
Read More
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Read More

5 questions to ask your potential seller’s agent

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Here are a few important questions you, as a seller’s agent, may get from clients. It would be wise to have answers prepared for the all important listing appointment. Some of these would also apply to agents working with buyers.

Real estate professionals are used to being asked questions by buyers and sellers, but not all questions are created equal. In this column, we take a look at five of the most important questions to ask before you decide to work with a particular agent. Read More.

Top 10 reasons to hire a real estate agent

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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Agent - Infographic
Courtesy of: Park City Real Estate – JensenandCompany.com

Good habits stay, bad habits gone

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According to real estate speaker and coach Todd Robertson, real estate professionals can boost their yearly incomes by $10,000 to $50,000 by eliminating bad habits.

Here are three bad habits agents should kick:

  • Waiting for business to come to you.
  • Sending too much time designing overly elaborate marketing pieces.
  • Getting lost in the busy-work of administrative tasks. Read More.

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